The Primary Focus

The Primary Focus

The Primary Focus is a boutique development company with its office based in Whitianga on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand.

We do new builds from the ground up or can help you re-develop your existing web solution in a variety of platforms and languages. We like to make our solutions stand out a bit from the competition and use new techniques and methods without sacrificing presentation or usability.

All of our solutions are on a case by case basis. We don't really go in for templates or mass produced websites - everything we build is unique and special.

We try to make our sites look sharp, be content rich, and user accessible. We are comfortable producing both small and large scale web solutions.

All of our sites are optimised for search and come integrated with Google Analytics which help us and our clients both define and refine their SEO strategies.

Our Team


Nick wrote his first lines of code on a ZX80 at the age of six, and has been developing software ever since.
A natural problem solver Nick has built custom IT solutions around the globe, from simple single use applications to massive nTier enterprise solutions.
Nicks love for the ocean and the outdoors made moving The Primary Focus to Whitianga an easy descision, and in 2006 moved the company offices from Takapuna to the sun and surf of the Coromandels East Coast.
When not cutting code or consulting Nick spends his time out surfing or mountain biking.


A technical specialist with over 18 years in the IT Industry, Blair made the move from high-profile enterprise and server support roles, to a more relaxed atmosphere in Whitianga.
Blair now supports a massive variety of platforms and structures for most of the high profile businesses in Whitianga.
Passionate about his family and the outdoors, when not tinkering inside a server Blair is usually out walking many of the Coromandels tramping routes.


With a background in business strategy and communications Bridget keeps The Primary Focus wheels spinning.
A passion for photography and web design, Bridget assembles the media and the concepts which grow into our solutions.
When not helping clients or stitching together some new media Bridget is out looking for that next great photo opportunity.

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